Belkin figures that people want more versatility when it comes to watching TV these days. The @TV delivers that through the ability to access your live and recorded TV on your mobile devices.

Essentially, the @TV is a two-pronged solution. A small box connects to your home theatre devices like your TV, your DVR and your DVD player, and then connects to the internet. Then, using a special app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device (or just accessing it via your Mac or PC) you can connect to your home theatre system over 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi to watch television wherever you are.

It even lets you record live TV directly onto your mobile device, which is especially convenient for sporting matches that you might otherwise miss out on.

While it’s not the first product to offer this kind of solution, it is one of the easiest to use. And at $200, it’s pretty affordable too. Of course, you need to watch a lot of TV or use your DVR a lot to make the most out of it.

Price: $200
Web: Belkin