In many ways, a man cave for the motoring enthusiast is a second retreat. It’s a second oasis for escaping the troubles of the world, albeit one that doesn’t move anywhere near as fast. Even with these essential items…

Logitech G27 racing wheel

The problem with driving a fast car is that pretty much every road has a speed limit. That’s not true on the Playstation, which means setting up a G27 racing wheel is a must for any man cave. With realistic force feedback, firm pedals and a gear shift lever, it’s as real a racing experience as many men will ever get to enjoy, especially when paired with an awesome racing sim like Gran Turismo 5.

Price: $286
Web: Lasoo

Rok car polisher

How much do you love your car? Do you hold it at night, whispering sweet nothings into its handsfree audio system? Do you caress its body with a car polisher, making its sleek, metallic curves shine in the moonlight? You should, and this 1400-Watt car polisher from Rok can help you with its soft, comfortable grip and variable speed control. It’s the perfect tool to take your relationship with your car to the next level.

Price: $125.95
Web: Lasoo

Garmin Nuvi 3490LMT

How do you get from your man cave’s home theatre area to the gaming area without getting lost? With a dedicated satnav, of course! The best part about owning one is that it has the added benefit of helping you get wherever you need to go in your car as well. The Nüvi 3490T offers lifetime map updates, lifetime traffic updates, Bluetooth hands free calling and voice controlled navigation, all in a super-slim design. Not a bad effort, really.

Price: $399
Web: Lasoo

Pioneer Mechless iPod Tuner

Unless you drive around in an modified 96 Honda Civic singing Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping on repeat, chances are you have very little need for a CD player in your car. Which is why this deck from Pioneer is perfect – the single-DIN stereo offers complete control of a connected iPod, meaning you can instantly have access to your entire music collection. Auxilliary input, USB and two RCA jacks also offer versatility when connecting other devices. Although if you’re listening to Chumbawumba, you have a few more issues than the stereo system in your car.

Price: $99
Web: Lasoo

Belkin Micro Auto Charger

You know what sucks? Having the thrumming power of your car’s engine at your fingertips, yet no way to charge your gadgets. That’s what makes this auto charger a must own – simply stick it into your car’s 12V plug hole and you’ve instantly got yourself a USB charging port. Why cars don’t come with these things as standard, we’ll never know.

Price: $22.50
Web: Lasoo