Your groceries are getting greener, and that’s not about the colour of your brocolli, that’s referring to how the stuff you buy at Woolworths gets to the supermarket as Linfox introduce their first Electric truck operating delivery runs of fresh produce to stores in metro Melbourne.

Operating out of Melbourne’s fresh food distribution centre, the Linfox Volvo FL Electric is one of just two in Australia, and the only one fitted with a refrigerated van on the back.

Packing 8 pallets of produce, it will get top up charges while being loaded at the distribution centre, as well as a full charge overnight.

The current model has a 200kWh capacity, using four batteries down low and behind the drivers cabin, underneath the cargo area.

Chief Supply Chain Officer at Woolworths Chris Brooks said: “From the products in our supermarkets to the trucks that deliver them, we know the changes we make to become more sustainable today will create a better tomorrow for generations to come. 

“Linfox has been with us on our journey of electric vehicles since 2018 and we share a commitment to sustainability. 

“We’re excited to deepen our investment in electric vehicles in partnership with Linfox, as we pave the way for a greener next-generation supply chain. We supply more than 1,000 supermarkets across the country, and the ongoing development of heavy electric trucks represents an opportunity for us to drive positive change on Australia’s roads. 

Linfox Chairman Peter Fox says this is part of a plan to make Linfox a “greener” business, saying “In 2007, Linfox set out to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half and we did that,”

“Today we are not just interested in making our own business practices greener, we are committed to helping our customers act sustainably too. Linfox is proud to lead the way in the adoption of electric vehicles as we strive to meet our zero emission targets and support our customers to do the same. 

“With shared values, environmental considerations are at the top of Linfox, Woolworths and Volvo’s agendas. It is partnerships like this that can drive big change,” Peter said. 

The reality of our environmental strategy is that some of the biggest challenges aren’t in our day to day cars, it’s in the supply chain network which includes trucks – big and small. Expect to see many more of these Electric trucks doing the inner city runs over the years ahead.