Red Bull may not be the first brand that pops to mind when you think of fashion accessories, but that will probably change with the launch of Red Bull’s new range of eyewear.

Launching in September, the new lineup of Red Bull sunglasses includes four different ranges, each consisting of five different frame styles. With 100 per cent UV protection across the UVA, UVB and UVC spectrums, the glasses are functional as well as stylish, and are made from state of the art materials.

Prices range from $199 to $749, and are designed to suit both male and female faces. The top of the line NXT range uses the military strength NXT material in their lenses, supposedly making them stronger and lighter than traditional glasses, which accounts for the $749 asking price.

At $689 is the Carbon range, which leans on Red Bull’s racing heritage to construct the frames out of carbon fibre, while the Sports range uses the same lightweight metals of racing cars in its construction, and sells for $239. The Racing range, at $199, is the most affordable, with a lightweight polycarbonate construction.

So will Red Bull takeover the fashion world, one pair of sunglasses at a time? Who knows, but they’re off to a cracking start with this selection – I know I’m not the only man who would be happy to be seen in a pair of these…

Price: $199-$749
Web: Opticare