For the tech community, the launch of a new Apple product is a unique adventure, where passionate fans line up for days to be first in line at spending their money on a gadget. But they have nothing on Bundy rum fans.

With the iPhone 5 launching across Australia today, with armies of passionate iGeeks waiting for their chance to buy the super-tall iPhone, it helps to remember that Apple is not alone in demanding the same level of loyalty from its customers.

For Bundaberg Rum’s Masters Distillers Collection releases, the Aussie alcohol icon has thousands of people lining up to be some of the first to buy the new premium bottle on Bundy. The last launch earlier this year saw one customer line up for 23 days in order to get the lowest possible number on his limited release bottle. As you can see from the pictures, Bundy puts on quite a show for the crowd, with musicians and entertainment provided for the crowd.

But the biggest question that needs to be asked when comparing the two companies: Will Airtasker will set up a page when Bundaberg Rum releases its next MDC bottle?