Sony slices the Playstation 3 down to size

Sony has announced a new slimmer version of the PS3With Nintendo launching the Wii U in time for Christmas, Sony needed to do something to keep selling Playstation consoles. Like a liposuction junkie, it decided to trim the fat even further from the PS3.

There are two new versions of the nano-sized Playstation – a 500GB version that will sell for $399.95, and a 12GB flash version that will come in at $299.95. Both will hit shelves on September 27.

The new console really is quite the feat of engineering, coming in at half the size of the original PS3, and shaving an extra 20-25 per cent off the PS3 slim. Both models will be available in either black or white.

For those wondering what to do when that 12 gigs of SSD storage runs out on the cheaper model, Sony is also planning on selling a 250GB external drive to punters. Although Aussie prices are still TBC, unless it’s under $100, it kind of defeats the purpose of the 12GB version, really…

Price: $300 (12GB), $400 (500GB)
Web: Sony

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