At the Monaco Grand Prix over the weekend G.H. Mumm made an announcement that will change the celebration when you pop that bottle of champagne.


On a private yacht in the harbour of Monaco, Mark Ronson helped introduce the worlds first digitally connected champagne bottle.

connected bottle

A complete world first, G.H. Mumm is partnering with nightclubs around the world  to add some lift to the celebrations around the bottle popping. Magnum sized champagne bottles sold in selected nightclubs will be equipped with a digital mechanism which triggers when the cork is popped. The digital mechanism is connected to the audio and visual systems in the nightclub so the bottle cork “pop” is not the only exciting sound you’ll hear.

The lights will be on you, the music will go into overdrive and in some instances your party/your booth will appear on screen. If you’re celebrating then this moment will be one to remember.

Mark Ronson at the VIP G.H. Mumm launch party

Celebrations in Formula 1 have been partnered with G.H. Mumm since the year 2000 when their champagne appeared on the podium. Mark Ronson, if you noticed on Sunday, was the lucky chap who got to present the winners champagne at the podium ceremony. His weekend was nothing short of remarkable!

Jean Roch was present at the launch party and is the owner of multiple nightclubs around the world. His venues, the VIP Room, is in multiple countries such as New York, Paris, Dubai and Cannes. Next time you’re in one of these venues you can expect to see a serious celebration when a bottle of G.H. Mumm is popped!

Don’t believe me, just watch: