If you own a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bugatti, or frankly any expensive supercar – perhaps you do have too much money. So why not move to Singapore and spend between $6 and $15 Million on a new apartment in the muti-story Hamilton Parks complex, where you can park your car in your living room!

You’d like to think it’s a joke, but this video is proof that it’s not.

You drive into the building, park on a specific spot, register yourself and the building’s automated lift does the rest of the work, spinning the car around and moving the floating floor around into a lift on the side of the building – delivering the car right to your living room!

Frankly, If you’ve got a beautiful car, you dont want to waste it in a garage so to be able to glance across to it while watching TV – sounds like bliss to me!

Web: Mashable