Diageo (producers of Bundaberg Rum, Smirnoff, Baileys, Johnnie Walker to name but a few) is introducing a new style of labelling to their products. The goal here is to provide more details to customers about their bottles of rum, vodka, etc about nutritional values per serve. This is something that Diageo has been demanded from consumers as they are seeing this on food products already. If you had to ask someone, there is a good chance they would have no idea how many calories are in their drinks, do they care? Apparently so…

From a survey Diageo conducted, it was clear that these details would influence their buying decisions. As we in society are tracking our steps, sleep and calorie intake, we need to know the details of our liquid special treats to measure that also. The new labels are actually prettier too, they are clear, concise and inline with what we have seen in other recent nutritional label changes.

This the old label from Bundaberg Rum bottles

And part of what the new label will display

Another example but from the Bundaberg cans

You’ll now be able to be more honest with your FitBit app about what you are consuming and what is required then to burn those rums from the night before. Looking at the image above we found ourselves already surprised, 30.8g of sugar in a can of Bundy? Strewth!