One of the downsides of having to wear a helmet every time you hope on a bike is the funky smell that develops as you ride during summer. Sharp’s got a new product that should help with that…

The Helmet Ion Generator with Plasmacluster may not be a “roll-off-the-tongue” kind of name, but the idea behind it is a pretty unique one. The device essentially emits ions which react to mould and germs, taking the hydrogen particles from the bacteria. This kills off the germs, and converts the hydrogen into harmless water molecules, which are released to the air.

It sounds a bit like hocus pocus the way I’ve described it, so here’s the official Sharp spin to try and sell you on the idea:

The new Ion Generator is a one-of-a-kind product employing one-of-a-kind air purification technology – Sharp’s revolutionary Plasmacluster Ion (PCI) technology which harnesses the same ion technology found in nature.

Cluster ions are groups of atoms and molecules. Specifically, Plasmacluster Ions consist of H+ and O2- ions surrounded by several water molecules, the same as the molecules that exist in the natural world.

When these ions recombine on the surface of particles and micro-organisms such as plant and mould spores, viruses, dust mite allergens, bacteria, germs, fungi and clinging odorous substances such as sweat, tobacco and exhaust fumes, they form hydroxyl (OH) radicals. These hydroxyl radicals have extremely high oxidation ability, resulting in a chemical reaction which decomposes proteins on the surface of bacteria and other particles, thereby inhibiting their activity.

For $149, it’s going to have a limited appeal. But for all the riders out there looking for a way to freshen up their helmet this summer, it could just be the best invention ever.

Price: $149
Web: Sharp