As mentioned in our Logitech MX Keys S review, Logitech has released incremental upgrades to their hardware to bring the improvements in technology as they happen rather than later in an all-at-once option.  This keeps their latest devices up to date with the latest tech on the market from other manufacturers.

The S update to the MX Anywhere 3 includes the precision of Logitech’s MagSpeed electromagnetic scrolling in the usual small, take-everywhere package.  Logitech has added their Quiet Click technology along with an 8,000 DPI optical sensor that is once again able to track across “virtually any surface” – hence the moniker MX Anywhere (3S).

In the box

Inside the box you will receive the MX Anywhere 3S mouse, a USB-C charging cable and a safety guide. There is no Bolt USB receiver unfortunately, even though the mouse does support connectivity through the Bolt receiver. If you do connect the mouse using a Bolt receiver you can use Logitech Flow to connect multiple devices (see below).

A carry case for the mouse would be nice, after all, the mouse is designed to be small and easily portable. Surely you’d want to be able to protect your fancy new Anywhere mouse? I do have a case either from a Logitech Anywhere mouse purchased a long time ago (before manufacturers looked for additional ways to save a few dollars) – or was it an aftermarket thing on eBay? Unsure, but I would suggest searching for one on eBay if you do buy this mouse.


The MX Anywhere 3S is once again small and fits into the palm comfortably – even small hands.  If you have large hands, its smaller size may well not be the most ergonomic for you so maybe have a bigger mouse for your long uses.

The sides of the mouse are a rubber material allowing for an improved grip – something I’ve since longed for in my other mice after having used this one.

The USB-C charging port is located at the front of the mouse with the Magspeed scroll wheel and middle mouse button behind it.  Forward and back buttons on the left side of the mouse.  All of these buttons can be customised to almost anything, even opening folders or apps, using the Options+ app.

The bottom of the mouse houses the optical sensor (of course), the power button and the device selector/pairing button.  This button scrolls through the different devices that you have connected to and have stored in the memory.  Press and hold on the button to pair a device to one of the three slots.

The left and right buttons on the mouse now also include Logitech’s Quick Click buttons which is a very quiet, dull click which is barely noticeable, even in a quiet environment.  I love the Quiet Click feature and to me, even if I had the MX Anywhere 3 already, that is enough for me to want to upgrade to the 3S.

Experience & Performance

Testing a productivity mouse for performance is difficult given that you are not normally pushing it to any great limits.  The MX Anywhere 3S is meant to be able to operate anywhere, so I tested it everywhere.

I tested it on a normal mouse pad, a glass table, granite benchtop, concrete tabletop, and a fabric couch.  Not once did the mouse struggle or miss a movement or click.  It was accurate on all surfaces.  “Anywhere” is a big promise but for me it was MX Everywhere I tested. 

The scroll wheel is a MagSpeed scroll wheel that can scroll up to 1,000 lines per second but that is too much for me as I prefer a slightly slower scroll and dropped the sensitivity down to 83% – changed within the Options+ app.

The middle button (the wheel) press can switch from ratchet mode – which i prefer – to the fast scroll mode.  This is handy for those with large documents/spreadsheets etc to scroll through.  

Logitech Options+ app

The Logitech Options+ app we discussed in the MX Keys S review but the options for the MX Anywhere 3S are of course different – as you may have noticed, it is not a keyboard so that is no surprise. 

The Options+ app allows you to customise each and every button (aside from the left and right click buttons) on the mouse.  You can have them change to various options as seen in the screenshot below.  The option is up to you and what you use most.  I always have at least one as the middle mouse button, and another opening the EFTM folder on my PC for that month.

Within the app scroll direction, force and sensitivity can also be changed.  Pointer speed can also be adjusted to your preferred rate – or even extended up to 8K DPI if required.

Options+ also allows you to set up Logitech Flow allowing you to connect two devices using the same mouse, a Bolt receiver or Bluetooth and the same network.  

Options+ Flow allows you to transfer files from one device to another connected device – using Bolt.  This is not something I use much given I keep all my files etc in the cloud but for those who work on their laptop and then want to transfer to another device later you can easily copy and paste from one computer to the other after identifying each computer within the Flow settings of the Options+ app. 

Battery life

According to Logitech the MX Anywhere 3S offers a battery life of up to 70 days and given my use of the mouse for the past two weeks and still having 60 percent left I can see that could be possible, albeit unlikely.  I wouldn’t expect it to be a month though.  I haven’t used it for super long stretches by any imagination, but you should be getting a good four weeks out of it that’s for sure.

With USB Type-C charging, the mouse can last up to 3 hours off a 1-minute charge meaning that even if you do run out, plug it in and go grab a glass of water, come back and you are good for another three hours.

Should you buy it?

If you need or prefer to use a mouse and are on the go then you need this mouse. I don’t care if you already have a Logitech MX Anywhere 3. The Quiet Click technology is enough to make an upgrade worthwhile. If you are using the mouse out and about you can bet those around you do not want to hear your loud clicking on the mouse all the time. The Quiet Click though is not just quieter but feels more premium.

I have used an MX Anywhere mouse for a long time but have not upgraded it for years. I was waiting for the Quiet Click technology to make it to the small, portable mouse. After this mouse heads back to Logitech I will be heading out (or clicking online) and purchasing a Logitech MX Anywhere 3S ASAP.

It’s compact, light, portable and feature packed — perfect for use on the go. It clicks and moves quietly and accurately whatever the surface you are using it on. It truly is the MX Anywhere (3S). Logitech has once again hit on a winner with this mouse. I’m glad they brought out the S incremental upgrade — this one is worth the money wherever you sit in your upgrade cycle.

It is not cheap, but you can always sell your current portable mouse online at any of the number of the auction sites to offset some of the cost. The Logitech MX Anywhere 3S is available in Graphite, Pale Gray and Rose colours at Logitech Australia and all good tech stores for $139.95.