Apple didn’t just announce the iPad mini in San Jose today, they have also announced a 4th generation iPad, just a little over six months since announcing the “new iPad”.

After a lot of controversy around the availability of 4G in Australia when the new iPad was announced with “4G” – 4G that was not compatible with Australian mobile networks – Apple has taken the LTE technology in the iPhone 5 and applied it to the iPad.

4G and LTE networks around the world – compatible with the iPad mini and 4th Gen iPad

Along with this expanded 4G, a new processor has been added, giving improved speed and graphics performance, as well as the new lightning adaptor for charging and docking.

The “new” new iPad will be a frustration for many who bought the “new iPad” earlier this year and wanted 4G, and the timing around the release will mean a bumper pre-Christmas sales period for Apple authorised resellers.

Advanced LTE – or 4G as we know it – is available in the 4th Generation iPad (replacing the 3rd Generation in stores) and also in the iPad mini.


Trevor Long travelled to San Jose as a guest of Apple