I don’t care what year it is, spending $1,500 on a phone won’t ever be a reasonable financial decision for the majority of the population. Back in November of 2018 I reviewed the Razer Phone 2 and let you all know that it is a BRILLIANT device – however on release it retailed for $1,248 and that was just out of reach for what I’d consider acceptable for most.

Well… great news! The Razer Phone 2 has been dropped to $899 for a limited time to steer the punter away from the latest iPhone or Samsung.

For $899 the Razer Phone 2 is an exceptional deal. My biggest gripe as per my review was the fingerprint sensor being in an annoying location, but the unanimous decision around the office was that the features of the phone far outweighed the inconvenience of the sensor.

With this price cut comes an OS update! The phone now runs Android Pie (9.0) – which compared to it’s predecessor relies heavier on AI tech to adapt to phone usage habits.

The Razer Phone 2 is available at JB Hi-Fi for that new price of $899 and is definitely worth your time in-store at the very least. As a quick tip, get the phone salesperson to run through the Dolby Atmos sound test on the phone – it’s unbelievable.