For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, this is nothing new. Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) has been wearing these for a while. But it’s one thing to have them on in a TV show for laughs, quite another to wear them in reality.

We are all for a good suit here at EFTM. In fact, we have written about suits every now and then and are big fans of a well-tailored article. But unless it’s for a Halloween party or a fancy dress do, there is little chance any of us would be caught wearing these unless we wanted our wives/fiancées to swiftly and viciously throw us out of the house.

The Suitjamas include elasticised pants, a button-up jacket, clip-on tie and come in a range of colours. Are they comfortable to wear in bed? They may be all shiny and satin but in the heat of summer with long pants and sleeves, it would be hard to imagine these would be the go to pieces of sleepwear for Aussie men.

That, and the fact they are hideous. But if you have $89.95 spare and for some reason find these really attractive or cool, you can buy a pair now.

Price: $89.95

Web: Suitjamas