NVS FolioStand Stitching

There are now more accessories for the iPad than there are minutes in the day, so finding a case to suit your needs can be difficult. NVS is a little-known brand offering a range of covers and cases for both the iPad and MacBook ranges.

NVS FolioStand

For your iPad, NVS offers a product called the FolioStand. Available in multiple colours, this cover is made from a quality feel handmade leather exterior, with a lush feeling coloured suede lining.

With the hidden magnets inside the ‘Smart Cover’ auto wake up and sleep functions are supported for the last two generations of iTablet.

Adjustable for various viewing angles, the key selling point for the NVS is the quality materials and feel you get from the leather and suede combination.

NVS Sleeve for MacBook

If the same quality appeals for your MacBook, the “NVS Sleeve” for 11 or 13 inch MacBook Air, and also the 13 inch MacBook Pro will be just what you are looking for. The zip around sleeve is a simple slot and go solution for keeping your MacBook protected on the move. The Suede inside lining just makes you feel like you’re treating your MacBook like royalty.

Price: Folio for iPad – $79.99, Sleeve for MacBook – $79.99
Web: NVS