Number Prefixes coming to NSW Plates

Personalised plates are becoming big business in NSW. Gone are the days of initials and numbers on black and white plates, today you can choose from a range of colours, styles and sizes for your plates. From October 8, you can order a number plate that starts with numbers, too. EFTM has some plate ideas for you


If you owned a Ferrari Enzo, surely you wouldn’t be happy with Black on Yellow plates?

Try these

Ok, so Ferrari might be pushing it, perhaps if you own this:

1966 MGB

We’ve got the perfect plates for you:

Considering how hard it is to find the right plates for your special car sometimes, this new release might result in a bit of a land-grab for car owners.

MyPlates – the company the NSW Roads and Maratime services outsourced personalised plates to – is offering these plates as of October 8.

Daryl Head, MyPlates CEO, seems confident there will be demand. 

“It has been several decades since new content has been released, so we hope people take full advantage of this opportunity and be the first to get great content.”

Numbers first Personalised Plates are available for a one-off order fee starting at $160 (depending on plate style chosen) and $99 per year.

It doesn’t just have to be your car, though. Consider birthdays or other special numbers before your name too.


Numbers first plates are available in three formats:  222*AAA, 22*AAA and 22*AAAA.

If you own a Toyota 86 – perhaps you’ll need to get in early for this one, Damo.

Price: $160 plus $99 per year
Web: MyPlates