If you walked out of the cinema after seeing Ridley Scott’s Prometheus earlier in the year with a massive question mark hanging over your head, you may want to get the Blu-ray release of the film next week. Questions are answered!

Scott’s return to the world of science fiction this year was spectacular to behold, but left a lot of unanswered questions. But it turns out that the answers to many of those questions just ended up on the cutting room floor.

While we don’t want to drop too many spoilers here for people who haven’t seen the film, if you wanted to know what was up with that Engineer at the start of the movie, or if you wondered why the biologists approaches the worm that kills him without any sense of trepidation, then the answers you seek will be on the disc.

Disappointingly, they won’t be part of the film itself as an extended cut, only as deleted scenes as part of the extras on the disc. But there is plenty of reason to grab the film when it launches next week.