#160: I interview the inventor of the LYTRO camera, released this week in Australia, I drive the Holden Volt – Australia’s newest Electric car, iPad Mini rumours continue, plus your calls on computer issues, Wifi Issues, concerns over Kogan pre orders and Speakers for your TV and iPhone

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Here are some examples of the LYTRO camera – for my Full review – visit EFTM.com.au

Firstly, this one has a very clear foreground subject (the bottle) so you can see with remarkable clarity the focus and re-focus:

Next, more of a wide depth of field style picture. You can see here, even when clicking around there isn’t much to change in terms of focus.

But again, with a subject in the foreground, and even a step further back (the pamphlets) the Lytro effect is amazing (thanks @JM77 for this one):