The prepaid low cost carrier market for mobile phone plans has certainly been hotting up over the last year or so. Unlimited access offers for calls and texts are now easily achievable for under $40 per month.  EFTM understands that Red Bull Mobile are about to take their most attractive pre-paid plan to the post-paid market.

Some people can’t stump up the $365 required to get access to the year’s worth of unlimited calls and texts, and 5GB of data on offer through the pre-paid Red Bull mobile “Access 365” plan.  If that’s your case but you still want some of that Red Bull Mobile action, we can tell you that in December the plan will be available to you on a 12-month contract post-paid for just $30 per month.

EFTM has obtained a plan comparison chart showing the Red Bull Mobile offers which will be on the Red Bull Mobile website in the days ahead

Red Bull Mobile offers as at December 2012

The “Access 365 Monthly” plan requires a 12 month contract with Red Bull Mobile unlike other post-paid plans, so if you’re not a fan of contracts, perhaps try its service first on a short-term pre-paid offer before committing.

Given the competitiveness in the low cost market, this should shake things up a little.

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