How often have you had to find a quick cheap gift for someone and it seems like the hardest thing in the world? PayPal has launched a website that hopes to help you out.

How often do you get roped into a “Kris Kringle” or “Secret Santa” at work or even among family? Finding a $20 gift can be hard!

InstaKringle is a big list of bargains PayPal has collated from its list of 60,000 retail partners in Australia to find these under $20 gifts.

It kicks off when you visit the site by asking you some basic questions. What is the Gender, Style and Character of the person you are buying for? Using a simple sliding scale you’ll get a list of suggested gifts in groups of four.

The total list of some 45 gifts are a mix of decent corporate gifts, quirky gifts and books. Without the bells and whistles of the gift finder the actual list of all gifts is a pretty good guide if you are wanting something simple and cheap.

There’s also some extra fun with “print your own’ wrapping paper and gift tags.

InstaKringle is PayPal’s way of showing how vast the options are when buying online and spending with PayPal this Christmas, it’s also a very simple way of showing how easy online shopping is as the silly season approaches.

As is customary these days, a set of YouTube videos have been produced to back the InstaKringle campaign. Here’s a classic one that should give you a chuckle as you work away at the office.


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