WORX SD Screwdriver

WORX SD Screwdriver

If you’re looking for tools to add to the man-cave to ensure you’re ready for any DIY situation, there’s one tool that should rocket to the top of that list. The Worx SD screwdriver.

You’ve probably got your set of screwdrivers, still in the original case they came in. You’ve probably got a tool box with miscellaneous spanners, a hammer, measuring tape, and a socket set which is far from complete. You’ve probably got a cordless screwdriver too – but those few times you need to use it it’s never charged and you know the charge takes longer than if you just do it by hand.

Enter the Worx SD screwdriver. This gun-shaped battery powered screwdriver does a whole lot more than you’d expect.

Firstly, it’s impressively lightweight at just 470 grams, and comes with a simple charging mount which means you’ll likely store it on its charger all the time so its always ready to go.

Inside the Worx SD there’s a small circular cartridge, with six different bits inside. The genius of this device is not that the bits are stored within the device itself, but that by sliding back the top part of the Worx SD you can either twist the cartridge round to choose your next bit, or replace the entire cartridge with a second one with six different bits. Slide the top back all the way and push it back into place the bit is automatically changed ready for use.

WORX SD Screwdriver

WORX SD Screwdriver

The Worx SD is listed to carry a punch of 3 newton meteres, which means little or nothing to most of us. In the real world, it means that even screws that have been in place for years seem to come undone with ease.

Underneath the Worx SD drill bit is an in-built LED light which shines right onto the point of impact.

You’ll find a total of 12 bits in the package, as well as the charging mount, charging cable and belt holster.

It’s quite possibly the perfect last minute gift idea for any man so check it out at Masters, Mitre10, and Home Hardware.

Price: $70
Web: Worx