Which guy didn’t like trains when he grew up? The answer would be very few. But the novelty usually wears off in later life. Except if you’re Jason Shron, in which case you forget about model trains and build a life size carriage.

The Canadian from Vaughan, Ontario, built the life sized carriage modelled on VIA Rail (the Canadian long distance train service) carriage 5647, a 1954 coach, right in his basement.

basement trainShron started building the carriage in 2008 and through a lot of trial and error and a hell of a lot of looking at trains ended up with this.

Much of it is actual parts from carriage 5647 after he purchased it when it had been retired. Amazingly, he is married.

His next project will be to build a model version of a train station and he wants to be mentioned on The Big Bang Theory. It’s great to dream!