Hoonigan Racing Dvision Ken Block Ford FiestaAmerican rally driving legend Ken Block has launched his brand new team which will compete across rally and Gymkhana events around the world – called Hoonigan Racing Division, it’s the coolest looking Ford Fiesta we have ever seen.

Here’s a bit of trivia for you. If you really want, you can actually purchase a Ford Fiesta WRC rally car off M-Sport who builds and runs them in the championship. It’s likely to cost you around $600,000 but it is a hell of a lot more unique than a supercar. But then again, now that you’ve seen the new Hoonigan Racing Division Ford Fiesta, wouldn’t you rather one of them? We would.

Ken Block Ford Fiesta Hoonigan Racing DvisionThis is the livery that Ken Block will use to compete in the WRC, Gymkhana GRID, Octane Academy 2, Global RallyCross and Global X Games plus other little bits and pieces as he sees fits.

 “I’m stoked on how this livery and overall team aesthetic has turned out this year,” Block said. “With the name change to Hoonigan Racing Division, we wanted to take the look in a slightly different direction, one that has been inspired by my love of 80s and early 90s skateboarding graphics, as well as Miami Vice-era offshore powerboats and a dash of hair metal and old school hip hop mixed in for good measure. Much like we did in our years as MWRT, we’re continuing to try and lead and innovate in the motorsports marketing arena with this livery.”

So want one. Right now.