Kia today revealed teaser images of the all-new Kia Sportage ahead of it’s release later this year, while on the very same day we can reveal it’s already on the roads here in Australia undergoing road testing for Kia Australia.

The final version will be revealed in Korea in July, so the images released by Kia are very much a tease.

It’s an all-new look for the popular Kia model, the current version of which is really starting to show it’s age. The curved edges looked great when it was revealed, but today it’s just looking dated.

These teaser images show the new Kia Sportage adopting the aggressive angled edges and new family design. Kia call that design language “Opposites United” which will influence the entire design of the car.

EFTM can reveal the all-new Sportage is so close to being ready, it’s already on the roads here in Australia.

Covered in the usual car-company secret clothing, our keen eyed reader Steve spotted the Kia Sportage on a motorway North of Sydney as well as on the streets of Sydney.

We know this, because the rego plate links back to a Service NSW entry for a “2021 RED KIA SPORTAGE”

We’ll know more in a couple of months, but as with all new cars right now, you’re going to need to get in line because supply will be tough to get your hands on!