How exactly do you innovate in the world of refrigerators? LG has tried hard over recent years, last year it had the blast chiller, and this year at CES it has added doors within doors for easy access and better power efficiency.

LG Fridge with Dual Access Door System

LG Fridge with Dual Access Door System

Back in the day you had the big fridge door and a small freezer door up top. That evolved over the years to a couple of other options – the side by side fridge/freezer and the large fridge door up top above the smaller freezer below. At the high-end you’ll find the french door fridge up top and freezer drawer down then bottom as pretty standard these days.

Enter LG, which thinks that three doors just isn’t enough when you want easy access to regular items and want to avoid your better half shouting at you for leaving the fridge door open wasting electricity. So what did LG do? It add two extra doors.  Doors within doors in fact.

Press a small button on the handle of this fridge door and all you will open is the front face of the door, exposing the inside of the door directly which is where you might keep cold cans of drink or the milk.  Because you’re not opening the whole fridge that idea of all the cold air getting out (and thus more energy being used to cool all the air down again) is a thing of the past.

There’s 31 cubic-feet of storage space in this beast which equates to around 877 litres so this whole extra door idea hasn’t impacted on the space inside.

Another cool (pardon the pun) idea within this fridge is the special shelf inside the main door can be removed completely allowing you to carry the contents (perhaps condiments or drinks) all the way to the dining room table.

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