Rather than the usual three Weet-Bix, milo and milk for breakfast we’ve been blending a heap of fruit and vegetables instead. The insane amount of nutrients in this smoothie will give your body the kickstart it needs.


The EFTM Green Smoothie


  • Bag of baby spinach leaves
  • Bunch of mint
  • Bananas
  • Green Apples
  • Celery
  • Apple juice (optional)
  • Strawberries (optional)



  1. We are using the Breville Boss blender for our smoothie, other blenders will achieve similar results however this beast even has a dedicated button for Green Smoothies.
  2. Take a good handful of the baby spinach and chuck it into the blender
  3. Rip a decent handful of mint off the stems and put them into the blender
  4. Peel one banana, cut them up and add to the blender
  5. Chop up two apples, ditch the core and chuck the rest into the blender
  6. Do the same for around three or four celery sticks
  7. You CAN add a splash of apple juice later if you need a juicier smoothie but you might be fine
  8. You CAN add the strawberries however the smoothie will the brown. Looks ugly and may put you off. Tastes much the same though, just more nutrients.
  9. Blend the whole lot, the Boss takes around 40 seconds before it is ready to be served but make sure it isn’t lumpy.
  10. Drink it all ASAP, it will turn brown and ugly if you let it sit for too long.


A few lessons

Smoothie creation is all about experimenting.IMG_3710

  • Some things that we learned was that preparation prior to the morning is extremely handy, cut up and separate your ingredients the day before or days before, freeze them and blend in the morning. It will take longer to blend but the smoothie will be nice and cold!
  • Many ingredients that you add wont even be noticed while you drink it because other flavours overpower it. Use this to your advantage. I never eat carrots however adding a carrot to the mix was a great source of nutrients without knowing it is there
  • Do the blending, add it to an insulated travel mug (normally for coffee) and have the smoothie during the commute. It will save you time and not needing a late note.
  • Once you’ve made your smoothie and enjoyed it, you’ll have some cleaning to do. Add around 500ml of water to the jug and hit blend again (the Boss has a “clean” button) and run it for 30 seconds. It’ll get all the gunk off the sides, out of the crevices and make it easy to dispose of it.
  • This has been a smoothie recipe but think about the cocktails you’ll be able to make! We made margaritas in ours and you can too here