Shot for shot live recreation of Toy Story is amazing

Even though it’s 17 years old now, the original Toy Story is still an exceptional example of how to make a great film. It’s so good that even a shot-for-shot real life recreation by amateur filmmakers is worth watching.

Filmmakers Jonason Pauley and Jessie Perrotta spent two years filming the live recreation of one of their favourite films, in addition to about three months worth of prep work.

It was a labour of love, but one that essentially had the blessing of Pixar itself, largely thanks to the duo’s approach to recreating the film. Throughout the entire process, they tried to keep Pixar in the loop as to the status of the project, eventually making a trip to Pixar’s studios to give away copies of the film on DVD.

When they arrived, the security guard said he was expecting them, and while they weren’t given any special approval to hand out DVDs, Pixar didn’t stop them either.

Obviously, the couple’s love for Toy Story isn’t unique – only four days after hitting YouTube, the movie has been watched almost 3.5 million times…

Web: Live Action Toy Story Project
Via: EW

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