The perfect TV stand and cabinet for your big screen TV

IGO Home Theatre Rack

IGO Home Theatre Rack

The Consumer Electronics Show is not all about gadgets and big screen TVs – there’s a lot more to be found around the huge exhibition. EFTM came across a brand of TV cabinets called iGO which looks to solve that all too common problem of less than desirable audio quality coming from your big shiny new TV – a TV stand with built in surround sound.

The low but wide TV cabinet is a common fixture in many homes today.  Gone are the days when the big floor to ceiling cabinets were all the rage to house your big but also very deep TV.

IGO Home Theatre Rack

IGO Home Theatre Rack

However with the TV sitting up on top of the cabinet, there is the problem of audio.  The majority of modern TV’s don’t have exhaustive speaker systems, in fact they are getting smaller and smaller inside TVs that are getting thinner and thinner. So putting speakers on the cabinet as well might not impress the wife too much when it comes to the look of the lounge room’s most important feature.

IGO Home Theatre Rack at CES 2013

IGO Home Theatre Rack at CES 2013

iGO “Home Theatre Racks” are a full TV cabinet with shelves for your DVD player, Foxtel box or other TV connected devices. However they also have a set of speakers built into the top shelf of the unit, with an amplifier accessible from the back – and with a simple optical or HDMI output from your TV to the Amplifier, you can enjoy the quality of the big sound your big screen actually deserves, without having to go out and buy additional HiFi systems or speakers. It’s a clean and simple solution to a very common problem, although perhaps one you didn’t even know you had.

Prices range from $US400 up depending on the size and configuration. There are no details of Australian distributors at this time, but if you nag your local furniture chain, you never know they might just start selling the iGO Home Theatre Rack.

Web: iGO Audio

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