The first leg of Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Hobbit has been in cinemas for a few weeks now, but that just means there’s still another year for part two. Here are 10 amazing Hobbit gifts to keep you going while you wait.

1. Bilbo’s sword Sting


Sting is easily the coolest sword in the whole of Middle Earth. Sure, there are other, larger swords that were made by the elves, but finding one that glows blue when Orcs are nearby is nigh on impossible. This replica is made by the folk at Weta who created the actual sword used in the movie, and while it’s pricey, it’s also stunningly detailed, with a level of detail you’d expect from the swordmakers of Weta.

As to whether it glows blue when orcs are nearby – well, you’ll need to find some orcs to test that out. Good luck.

Price: $US7,999
Web: Weta

2. Gandalf’s sword Glamdring


If you consider yourself more wizard than halfling, you may want to consider grabbing yourself a replica of Gandalf the Grey’s sword Glamdring. With a history almost as interesting as the wizard who wields it, Glamdring features a genuine leather wrapped grip, faux blue jewels and comes with a wooden wall mount for displaying at home, just in case your dwelling is attacked by goblins.

Getting the sword shipped outside the US may pose a problem, but given the sword was missing for 6000 years and survived, something like geo-restrictions isn’t going to stop a wannabe-wizard like you, is it?

Price: $US190
Web: ThinkGeek

3. Hobbit feet socks

hobbit socks

Eating more than one breakfast each day is a sure fire way to put on a few extra pounds – unless you’re a Hobbit. Hobbits can seemingly eat non-stop without becoming hideously obese. But to be a Hobbit, you need especially hairy feet. And if you don’t have incredibly hairy feet, these socks are the next best thing.

With brown hair curls knitted into the top of the foot, and toe socks to give the real feeling of being a barefooted Hobbit, these socks are made from 85 per cent cotton, 10 per cent nylon and 5 per cent elasthane for comfort.

Price: $US12
Web: ThinkGeek

4. Hobbit Map of Middle Earth

middle earth map

How does one travel from The Shire to the Lonely Mountain, without ending up roasted on a spit for a troll breakfast? With the right mapping, of course, and everyone knows that Hobbits make brilliant maps. This full colour map of Middle Earth isn’t exactly the kind of map you take with you on a quest, given it comes mounted on wood, but for the planning stages of an adventure, it’s perfect for the job.

Price: $US40
Web: ThinkGeek

5. The One Ring

one ring
Fancy a chance at total domination of Middle Earth? Like to try your hands at covering the world in darkness? You need yourself a ring of power. No, you need the One Ring of power, that Frodo so foolishly dropped into the fires of Mount Doom at the end of The Return of the King.

Fortunately, there are replicas aplenty. This particular version comes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and comes complete with the Elvish Runes that mark it as the One Ring. If you prefer your Middle Earth domination plans to be a little more subtle, there’s also a rune-less version for the same price.

Price: $NZ149
Web: The Ring Maker

6. The Hobbit Lego


It’s okay – we know we have a Lego problem here at EFTM. But we also know that recreating key scenes from movies like The Hobbit in Lego form is a lot of fun. There are six different kits available from the first Hobbit movie to tell the tale of An Unexpected Journey, from tiny brick to tiny brick.

Prices vary, starting at $20 and ranging up to $130, but they’re worth getting if for no other reason than the incredibly creepy Lego Gollum.

Price: From $20
Web: Lego

7. Wooden Wonders Hobbit hole

hobbit hole

Everyone knows that the finest place in all of Middle Earth is The Shire. But with all the comings and goings of dark lords, wizards and evil rings, getting a home in the Shire might be a bit harder than finding an affordable place to rent in Sydney. So why not bring a piece of the Shire to you?

These Hobbit Holes are technically only available in the US, but with any enterprising young Hobbit should be able to find a workaround if they want it enough. There are several different models, including chicken coops for those who enjoy their eggs, and with prices starting around the $US3,500 mark, it’s the best way to bring a piece of The Shire to you, short of finding a crate of Longbottom leaf.

Price: From $US3,500
Web: Wooden Wonders

8. Moleskin Hobbit Limited Edition Large Plain notebook

moleskine hobbit

Once you’ve returned from your journey to the Lonely Mountain, slain the evil dragon Smaug (or let someone else do it) and made your way back to The Shire, you’ll need a nice notebook to recount your tales. This limited edition notebook from Moleskin is as nice as they come, with a rich olive brown colour cover with a debossed red dragon and and a red fire debossed JRRT monogram on the spine. It even has a map of Wilderland tucked into its back pocket.

Price: $US21.95
Web: Moleskin

9. The Lord of the Rings Collector’s Edition


We all know that things got a little hairy for Middle Earth after Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday. But the story of The Lord of the Rings is one that can be read and re-read time and time again. This collector’s edition of Frodo and Sam’s adventures is stunningly crafted into a single volume, with all three books and appendices joined by two large format fold-out maps, a ribbon placemarker and Tolkien’s own paintings of the Book of Mazarbul included on a colour insert, this is quite possibly the finest way imaginable to read the 50-year old story.

Price: $US80
Web: Thinkgeek

10. Mordor University hoodie

mordor uni

“One does not simply graduate from Mordor” reads the Elvish inscription on this parody Mordor University hoodie, surrounding an emblem of the all-seeing eye of Sauron. Screen printed on a Gildan heavy blend hoodie, this pre-shrunk top is perfect for any fans of Tolkien who want to wear their passion on their sleeve. Or their chest, as it were.

Price: $US28
Web: Etsy