LG's new concept TV - the Curved screen OLED

LG’s new concept TV – the Curved screen OLED

One of the biggest surprises of CES 2013 has been the unveiling of curved screen TV, with both Samsung and LG revealing their versions today in Las Vegas.

Both LG and Samsung held spectacularly large press conferences on Monday in Las Vegas announcing all their new products for 2013. LG took the time to announce that 12 months after they showed us their OLED TV at CES 2012 and due to manufacturing delays, their OLED offering would be available in the USA in March for around $US12,000.

So today, when the CES show officially opened and the trade buyers and media rolled into the vast expanses of the Las Vegas Convention Centre it was a shock to see LG and Samsung both unveil curved OLED TV screens within hours of each other.

Samsung's Curved OLED TV

Samsung’s Curved OLED TV

Both will claim a world first, but in the end it doesn’t matter, because going by the delays experienced last year with OLED, it’s unlikely either will get the curved screen into retail stores in 2013.

So what’s it like to look at? Actually, it’s very impressive. When you consider curved screens are used in large movie theatres for immersive experiences like IMAX, it makes sense to try and wrap the picture around you in the lounge. At least in theory.

But how that experience translates to a home environment is yet to be seen. Vegas is one thing, but how does it look in my bedroom? Samsung and LG – I’m looking forward to finding that out.