Splat and your keyboard is clean: the putty that picks up gadget dust

Splat ElectoClean

Splat ElectoClean

This may not be brand new, however today at CES we had a quick look at Splat ElectroClean, a blue, squishy, sticky ball of putty used to clean your gadgets.

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Splat ElectroClean is a sticky substance which you can kneed and stretch and when you rub it over any surface it picks up the dust and basically absorbs it.

This squishy ball can be re-used around 50 times and is perfect for rolling over your keyboard and other gadgets. Speakers, phones – no matter what it is, you can apparently clear it up with the ElectroClean.

Splat ElectroClean on your Keyboard

Splat ElectroClean on your Keyboard

It feels strange in the hand. Actually, it feels very strange; a cold sensation which leaves you feeling like your hand is wet, but it’s not. It’s weird, but we haven’t decided whether that’s a good or bad thing.

Splat ElectroClean

Splat ElectroClean

One of our readers suggested it may have a reputation for leaving your hands smelling less than desirable, which I didn’t notice in my short use at the show.

Given that the Splat ElectroClean can be grabbed online for under $15, worth a try at least once perhaps, bad smell or not?

Price: $15
Web: Splat

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