Lqd rangeWhen you think about it, scraping an exceptionally sharp piece of metal across your face to cut away hair is never going to do your skin any favours. That’s why you should probably start looking after your face with some high quality product. As usual, EFTM has got you covered.

Thanks to the guys at Lqd, we’ve got 10 gift packs to give away to EFTM readers worth $200 each.

Each pack contains a full range of Lqd products, including the wash, calm, shave, hydrate and scrub bottles. Combined, they offer the full suite of face care every man needs through the day, from pre-shave cleansing to shaving cream to post-shave moisturising.

To win, simply tell us in 30 words or less below, “What’s the most frustrating thing about shaving?

The best 10 entries will be enjoying clean, soft, refreshed faces after the competition closes at 11:45pm on Feb 8.