A rather small class for this 2017 release but all with bright futures. The six wines that have just graduated out of Jacob’s Creek and into your local stores are waiting for you. Some of these wines are a 2017 vintage and some are a 2016 but all have just gone into bottle, some sit in their tanks or in oak for maturation before they’re bottled. So what is on offer?

Barossa Signature Riesling 2017

If the 2016 was anything to go by then this will be the easiest wine to drink with or without food. Imagine green apple, silky smooth and with some light acid on the back. This Riesling will pair really well with shellfish, sashimi or some spicy Thai.

Price: $19.99

Le Petit Rosé 2017

This is the wine for the missus or as a great starter to any dinner party. It is extremely refreshing, full of amazing red currant aromas with a crisp and fruity taste. This variety from Jacob’s Creek will pair really well with canapés such as small quiches or the charcuterie board as well as being handy on pasta night or with seafood.

Price: $16.99

Limestone Coast Shiraz 2016

One of my favourite wine varieties and also from a sensational location for wonderful Shiraz. The Reserve range from Jacob’s Creek is much cheaper to purchase than many other Shiraz wines but this will be sure to impress. Strong dark berry notes on the nose, dense plum and silky tannins in the mouth. Drink this with some good beef steaks or a hearty BBQ.

Price: $17.99

Limestone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

This young beauty is ready to be served but if you can control yourself will be even better as the years go on. You could cellar this for ten years and this inexpensive bottle will evolve into something that will stun you. Drinking now though you’ll experience blackberry and vanilla aromas, intense dark berries in the mouth which will go down softly. We adore a Cabernet Sauvignon with lamb, roast dinners or with a big cheese board.

Price: $17.99

Double Barrel Shiraz 2016

The first time we tried a vintage of the Double Barrel we laughed. It is punching so hard above it’s weight that you can’t help but chuckle about it. This is the secret weapon at a dinner party, it is the wine that people will taste and then make the “mmm what is this one I’m drinking, show me that…”. The process for this wine includes ageing in Scotch whisky oak barrels which is completely unique in the industry and produces a great result. This shiraz has some notes of pecan and cashew on the nose but brings out the plum and blackberry in the mouth. A lovely wine to enjoy with beef, roast vegies and bacon.

Price: $24.99

Barossa Signature Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Yes a second Cabernet Sauvignon and while slightly more expensive, buyers will be largely rewarded. This full-bodied has some dark chocolate and blackberry on the nose while delivering some dark fruits in the mouth. Like the other Cabernet Sauvignon this will also pair nicely with most red meat dishes. Feel free to cellar this one for ten years if you can bear the wait.

Price: $19.99