Back in March Damo told us about the new Bausele watches coming to market which are made by an Australian company using Swiss engineers and manufacturing to make some unique watches.  This week I took a look hands on with the Bausele range – something very unique.

Bausele Watches - Red Earth "Yachting"
Bausele Watches – Red Earth “Yachting”

When you read about the idea of taking “Sand” “Red Earth” and “Coal” from Australia and including it into a Swiss-made timepiece you assume the writer has been on the drink.. Not so.  Just one in a range of three watches, the Yachting series is most likely to appeal to blokes – in particular those looking for a great Fathers day suggestion.

With a huge face on the watch with the glass face cover reaching out as wide as can be the Bausele Yachting is by no means the biggest watch on the market, but from the Bausele range it’s the one you’ll most likely find people noticing on your wrist.

The choice with Bausele is simple – Sand, Red Earth or Coal.  This gives you two things – your “soul” ingredient and your colour.

As every Bausele comes with “Australian Soul” the choice is required no matter what you’re buying.  Each and every Bausele watch literally contains the ingredient you choose.  Red Earth from Australia, Sand from Australian beaches and Australian Coal are crushed and embossed into the watch face and in the crown on the side (that thing you turn to set the watch!) you’ll find a small amount of your chosen “ingredient” floating around with a clear cover allowing you to look in and importantly show your mates.

Bausele Watches - "Australian Soul" is printed clearly on the back
Bausele Watches – “Australian Soul” is printed clearly on the back

Floating around in the side of your watch is sand, soil or coal.  That’s not something you’ll find in many other watches is it?

It’s that simple story you need to tell when people ask you about the watch.

Sand gives you a brown/beige colour combination in the face, with a brown synthetic wrist band and stainless steel band included.

Bausele Watches - That's SAND in your watch
Bausele Watches – That’s SAND in your watch

Red Earth gives you a bold red look in the face and synthetic wrist band, but also comes with an easily interchangeable stainless steel band, and finally Coal gives a black colour to the watch and band.

These are fantastic looking watches which anyone would love as a gift, let alone likely to be clicking away to order online right now.  $588 – not an instant easy purchase for most – but take a look at these beauties and before long it will be delivered to your door.

Web: Bausele
Price: $588