The future for subscription TV in Australia has just been announced. After months of hype and talk, Foxtel Play is now available – making many Foxtel Channels available on almost any device without the need for a home-based Foxtel Subscription.

Foxtel Play - Website

Foxtel Play – Website

Until now, the outstanding Foxtel Go app for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC and Mac has only been available to those people with a Foxtel connection at home. The Go app allowed you to access up to 40 channels if they were part of your home package.

Today, Foxtel announced the pricing for their new “Foxtel Play” packages which are essentially Foxtel without the set-top box.

Having proven their ability to deliver TV channels via live streaming through the successful Foxtel Go app, the plan now is to let anyone access those channels regardless of their subscription status.

You can sign up for as little as $25 to access a group of between five and seven channels, then add more for extra cost.

Foxtel Play - Packages

Foxtel Play – Packages

The first tier packages are Entertainment (Fox6, Lifestyle, Arena, Lifestyle You, MTV, Comedy and TV1), Drama (UKTV, FX, SoHo, Universal & SF), Documentaries (Nat Geo, Nat Geo Adventure, Discovery, BBC Knowledge, Discovery Turbo Max, History & A&E) and finally Kids (Disney, Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, BabyTV).

Choose one of those for $25, adding ten dollars per month for an additional one or two and if you take all four it’s $50 per month.

Then once you have that, you can add a premium package.  Sport gives you all the live sports channels you’d want (Fox 1,2,3, Fuel TV, EuroSport, ESPN, ESPN2, Speed) for $25, and Movies & Premium Drama for another $25 includes all the Movie Channels plus Showcase.

Sky News, Sky Business, Fox Spots News as well as Music Channels V and V Hits come with every single subscription.

So, that’s a lot of content to choose from.

Given the minimum Foxtel home subscription is $47 a month (37 channels) this is a lower point of entry for people, and for just $50 (one basic package plus sport) you can get access to a load of Live Sport!

Some caveats to channel access though with some channels limited and not available on PC/MAC or Xbox 360 so check the details before you sign up.

Web: Foxtel Play

Full Channel listing:

Foxtel Play Live Channels


Drama Disney Junior Movies Action/ Adventure
UKTV Boomerang Movies Family
SoHo Entertainment Movies Comedy
SF (Sci Fi) (Not available on PC/Mac) Lifestyle Movies Drama/ Romance
Universal FOX8 Movies Thriller/ Crime
FX Lifestyle You Masterpiece
Documentaries Arena Showcase
History Comedy Channel World Movies (Not available on Xbox 360)
BBC Knowledge TV1 (Not available on PC/Mac) Sport
Discovery MTV Fox Sports 1
National Geographic Bonus Channels Fox Sports 2
Nat Geo Adventure SKY NEWS Fox Sports 3
Discovery Turbo Max SKY NEWS Business SPEED
A&E Fox Sports News Footy Play (Not available on PC/Mac)
Kids Channel V ESPN
Disney Channel V Hits ESPN 2
Nickelodeon Movies Eurosport
Cartoon Network Movies Premiere Fuel

Foxtel Play On Demand Channels


Drama Kids MTV
UKTV Disney Channel Bonus Channels
SoHo Nickelodeon SKY NEWS
SF (Sci Fi) (Not available on PC/Mac) Cartoon Network SKY NEWS Business
Universal Disney Junior Channel V
FX Boomerang Movies
Documentaries BabyTV Movies Premiere
History Entertainment Movies Action/ Adventure
BBC Knowledge Lifestyle Movies Family
Discovery Fox8 Movies Comedy
National Geographic Lifestyle You Movies Drama/ Romance
Nat Geo Adventure Arena Movies Thriller/ Crime
Discovery Turbo Max Comedy Channel Masterpiece
A&E TV1 (Not available on PC/Mac) Showcase
    World Movies (Not available on Xbox 360)