Sometimes technology alone can’t solve life’s big challenges, but when you combine innovative technology with a great mind you can really do cool things. In Singapore a marketing team have worked with some smart cookies to develop a test which not only warns people they aren’t safe to drive but also goes one step further to try to stop them driving.So you drive to the pub or club for dinner and a few drinks with your mates. Confident you can drive home? Think again. When you park you swap your keys for a card which you return at the end of the night to get back your keys. Pretty standard valet service right?

Wrong. This card has a build in RFID chip which is one of those fancy gizmos that can connect to other devices and recognise you – just like the swipe card you might have at work to get through the doors.

Only this time there’s an extra twist. In the toilets, sitting in the urinals is a high-tech urine analyser which can detect alcohol in your system in real-time – and when paired with that identifying card in your pocket can let the valet know if you should get your keys back or not!

Above the urinals a small screen also tells you if your over or under.

It’s just a marketing idea right now, made to draw attention to the issue of drunk driving which claims lives on Singapore’s roads just like it does here in Australia. Great idea by the agency DDB and Good on them we say!