It’s something we use day-in and day-out but often give little thought to unless it crosses our mind as we walk down the toothbrush isle on our main grocery shop. The humble toothbrush can be as simple and cheap as you like, but for a detailed clean you’ve got a whole lot more options – including the Oral-B Triumph electric toothbrush which actually tells you where to brush and for how long.

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Using an electric toothbrush means the brush itself does all the hard work, I’ve used a few in the past and it’s been a passing fad for me – I’ve always ended up back with the humble toothbrush after time.  So what is it about the Oral-B Triumph that make it worth the $219.99 price tag and that will keep you coming back for more?  SmartGuide.

Oral-B Triumph

Oral-B Triumph

SmartGuide is a small digital display which you can sit on the bathroom bench, or stick onto the wall which actually tells you when to move from one area of your mouth to the next.

Splitting your teeth into four sections, you then determine if you require 30 or 45 seconds per section and without any complex pairing or setup simply power on the toothbrush and start brushing.

After the appropriate time period, the brush turns off momentarily and the SmartGuide display beeps indicating it’s time to move to the next quarter of your teeth.  On-screen you can see how much brushing time has elapsed as well as get a visual display of which of the five brushing modes you are set to.

Interestingly I found the time seemed to fly past when split into four and when you don’t need to watch the clock – you’re guided by the brush itself if you like.  And of course you can keep brushing for as long as you need after the timer is finished.

I’ve had to make a few dentist trips in the last 6 months to get my teeth sorted out, and there is something about that “dentist clean” feeling you get when you run your tongue across your teeth.  I can honestly say that even after many uses of the Oral-B Triumph I still get that “dentist clean” feeling.  There’s no doubt I’m doing a better job at cleaning my teeth with the Oral-B Triumph than with my traditional toothbrush.

It’s a great idea for Fathers Day if the kids are able to chip in the $219.99 pricetag.  That’s the RRP, you’ll find it a lot cheaper across the web and in-store.  You’ll find it at Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Shaver Shop, Myer (EFTM Best price!), David Jones, Target and Pharmacies including Priceline.

Price: $219.99 (We’ve found it for as low as $169.95 with dual-handles!)
Web: Oral-B
Our Rating: 4/5