There is something about the size of your BBQ that gives you that added dose of credibility among your mates and neighbours, normally that means comparing how many “burners” you have or what accessories are hanging off the side of your chrome-look BBQ.  Yoder offers something very different and it really is something to brag about.

Yoder YS480 Wood-Fire BBQ

Yoder YS480 Wood-Fire BBQ

Take a look at these things – these are man-crafted BBQ’s (or Grill as the American’s would have us call them) which look like you should be grunting like Tim the Tool-man Taylor while you’re cooking a steak on them, and offer a quality cook you’d likely find in a restaurant.

There’s two models available in Australia – the YS480 and YS640 Hardwood Pellet Cookers from Yoder Smokers are a wood fired grill and oven combination cooker.

When you use hardwood pellets to cook your meat you are assured of a better flavour, texture and aroma, however they normally aren’t the most convenient especially when compared to your traditional Gas BBQ.

Yoder’s YS range can be turned on with the flick of a switch – and the grills can cook from 70 degrees up past the 300 degree mark.

Yoder  Wood-Fire BBQ

Yoder Wood-Fire BBQ

One thing’s for sure, you will be able to boast about size when it comes to comparing your BBQ with mates.  The YS480 has over 5,100 square centimeters of cooking space with an optional second shelf installed, while the YS640 offers 6,900 square cm.  That’s almost ridiculous!

That size offers you cooking capacity, but also allows for a decent sized flame to get to your food and makes cleaning easier too.

What makes this wood-fired cooking easier than others is the electrically controlled feeder or auger which pushes your hardwood pellets into the flame.

Yoder YS480 Wood-Fire BBQ incorporated into an outdoor kitchen

Yoder YS480 Wood-Fire BBQ incorporated into an outdoor kitchen

They aren’t cheap though, if you want to take things to this next level be prepared for a detailed conversation with the missus.  The YS480 is $2,900, the YS640 – $3,400!

Those prices wont shock someone serious about getting a quality wood-fired BBQ – the Yoder range is available from specialty BBQ stores Australia wide.


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