Recently we were invited to check out a clothing service. We’re not new to services which deliver items to your door but this one was different. We’ve tested the socks service from Soxy, the razor blade service from Dollar Shave Club and the manscaping service from GentSac, now we’re testing the whole outfit service from Kent & Lime.

kent and lime

Kent & Lime is the perfect solution for the man who:

  • Hates going to the shops
  • Can’t pick clothes out for themselves
  • Has no idea what style is
  • Is time poor

The process with Kent & Lime is rather simple but you need to provide some information. Details such as your sizes, your style, your budget all help to get the process started. Then, and something we’ve never seen before, you book a time for a stylist to call you. We played along. Mimi from Kent & Lime contacted us and ran through questions which helped her identify items of clothing we might need, we might like and would also work as a whole outfit if we chose to. This wasn’t a rushed call or one which was breezed through, it was a genuine level of care we’ve never experienced even in a physical store.


At this point we did wonder if we could have just given Mimi access to our Instagram account where my selfies could be assessed and fashion sense questioned. This would have helped Mimi too we thought.

Within a few days we had a suitcase sized box arrive and like Christmas we opened it immediately. Mimi listened and listened well, items that we lacked in the wardrobe were packed in the box along with items that worked. In the one box we received three pairs of chinos, two button up shirts, a pair of shoes and sunglasses. All items are your size, you can try them on, and pick which ones to keep. The items all have price tags and in the box you’ll also find a dinner style menu which highlights the items you’ve received with their prices. Simple and transparent.


After keeping the items we wanted we had a follow up call with Mimi to discuss what we liked and why we didn’t like others, this helps Kent & Lime refine selections for next time. A courier was organised for the remaining items and you’d only be charged for the missing (or kept) items.

The brands of clothes we received were all well known, the clothes were beautifully presented and the whole process was simple yet premium. This feels like a VIP shopping experience.


Reflecting on the experience with Kent & Lime we will be recommending it to others, particularly if you meet the criteria mentioned at the start of the article. Stay at home on Tinder, Kent & Lime will supply the outfit and you just need to turn up to that date, at least you’ll look good!