Samsung has previously released various Bespoke kitchen appliances and now they have released a range of intelligent Bespoke laundry appliances. The new AI Laundry range includes a “high performing Bespoke AI™ Washer (12kg) and Dryer (9kg) and the new mirror-finish Bespoke Mirror AirDresser,” both available this week.

In 2023 everyone wants their appliances to give them every help they can so they can have more time to themselves and their families. The new Samsung Bespoke AI Laundry range provides smart features to help users make the right decisions to not only get their clothes cleaned properly but also to help them last longer by selecting the right washing choices.

The new range will also help make your laundry chores more energy efficient through its intelligent processes, learning your preferences, routines and more.

“Our new Bespoke AI™ Laundry range uses AI innovation to learn your usage patterns and provide recommendations to help care for your clothes and reduce your mental load,” said Jeremy Senior, Vice President-Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.

“The new laundry line-up embodies Samsung’s broader Bespoke Home commitment to make Australian homes more personal and intuitively functional, to ultimately add convenience to your everyday life. In applying SmartThings, Samsung unlocks another level of value and convenience beyond the laundry, by helping to monitor the energy output of compatible devices, schedule chores to suit your routine, and make eco-conscious decisions.”

The new front-load washer and dryer include the latest SmartThings enhancements and AI technology allowing the new appliances to learn your usage patterns to provide personalisation automation based on your lifestyle, routines and preferences. In doing this it is able to be more energy efficient, with the Bespoke AI Washer achieving a 5-star energy rating across all sizes — 9kg, 12kg and 18kg.

The Bespoke AI Dryer provides an energy efficient, gentle and cost-efficient way to dry your clothes with a 9-star energy rating and uses refrigerant to heat the air to dry the clothes instead of electricity resulting in its energy efficiency. Steam within the dryer can also be used to “attack” bacteria, mites and allergens on your clothes with the included Hygiene Care+ cycle able to sanitise dry and wet items without inhibiting the drying performance of the dryer.

The new Samsung Bespoke AirDresser is essentially a standing wardrobe that is able to keep your clothes “fresh and sanitised” at home. The air and steam from the AirDresser are used to gently remove bacteria from the fabric. It can fit up to five pants or jackets and is able to refresh clothes in just 20 minutes.

The Samsung Bespoke AI Smart Washers and Smart Dryer lineup are available from select retail stores across Australia.

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