Ok, it’s that time of year – give the kids a bat and ball, send them out the back or put them to bed – it’s time to sit in the man cave of the lounge room and enjoy the beauty of live sport at this special time of year.

The AFL Grand Final, the NRL Grand Final, Bathurst – you name it there is something for everyone.

Here’s some ideas and tips on getting the best experience from your technology at this time of year.

The Big Screen

Setup your Big Screen TV for the perfect viewing experience

Setup your Big Screen TV for the perfect viewing experience

Make sure the Lounge and TV are positioned correctly, the bigger your TV the further away you should be sitting.  Watching SD quality sport right up close to a brand new TV won’t make you feel great – sit back, and at least some of the woes and whinging about the lack of HD ok?

The rule of thumb among TV gurus is three times the diagonal width of your TV is how far away you should be sitting.

Samsung Curved OLED TV - Yeah - you wish!

Samsung Curved OLED TV – Yeah – you wish!

Every TV has different settings too, so if you’ve got settings that mention “refresh rate” or “Hz” bump them up as high as they go – that reduces the blur as best it can depending on the unit.

If you’re relying on the sound from the TV itself you might be disappointed – consider popping into the local store for a top notch sound system or a soundbar – these are all the rage right now and will enhance the experience no end – you won’t look back!

On the go?

Never miss a thing – if you’re on the go there are options for everyone, from V8 Supercars app, NRL and AFL Apps and the Foxtel Go/Foxtel Play subscription to keep you in touch with every lap and every goal.

So if you have to pick the kids up from sport, or run to the shops for Milk there is always a way to stay in touch.  Don’t forget the radio – AFL and NRL Grand Finals will be live on Talk and Sport stations across the country.

And, if you’re so inclined, you can be sure you wont miss a thing even if a bathroom break is required.  Your smartphone can stream the content – it’s up to you if you take it in there.


Thanks to the good folk at Samsung for the idea for the post and keeping you in the hot seat for these finals!