Old Spice is a name we all know, and it returned to fame over recent years with the classic and frankly brilliant commercials featuring Isaiah Mustafa as Old Spice man.  This month, the iconic brand returns to the shelves in Australia and the man himself came down under to promote it.

Isaiah Mustafa in Australia for Old Spice

Isaiah Mustafa in Australia for Old Spice

The life of most TV ad stars is, well, boring.  They have day-jobs and don’t normally get stopped in the street.  But when you’re the face of a brand like Old Spice it’s a much bigger deal.

EFTM has a clip showing just some of the things Isaiah got up to on his trip down-under, which looks to have included the filming of a local style of the ad format he was made famous for starring in, plus a huge number of TV and radio interviews and some promo shots at Nine for Cricket and Rugby League – so we can expect to see Old Spice as an integrated partner of those event coverages over the year ahead.

Here’s that video:

To the product itself, Old Spice is in fact the number 1 selling antiperspirant, deodorant and body wash brand in North America so they’re looking to leverage that history to take a slice of the Aussie market too.

There’s 12 products in the range including body sprays, deodorants, body wash and aftershave lotion.

With brand recognition like Old Spice has obtained through the huge publicity this man and his ads have raised, there’s little doubt the Old Spice products will jump out at you on the supermarket shelf next time you’re looking.