Fans of the ground breaking Real Racing 3 now have another excuse for more RSI-inducing gaming on their mobile devices. EA Sports Mobile have added three Italian masterpieces to the already jam-packed garage.

Real Racing 3 - now with Ferrari's

Real Racing 3 – now with Ferrari’s

Now available are the Ferrari FF, 428 Italia and the epic V12 powered F12 Berlinetta, all iconic and bound to have gaming and motoring fans in general salivating at the prospect.

This video sums it up pretty well:

Other goodies thrown in include a new track, Spain’s renowned Circuit de Catalunya. ‘Time Trial Ghost Challenges’ allow you to learn from the best and compete with mates to start new racing rivalries

‘Meet The Crew’ introduces the ability to hire crew members to earn R$, Fame and servicing bonuses.

AI has been tinkered with to allow ­ better collision avoidance and faster times plus the HUD now has an added customization feature.

Of course all good things come to those patient or who want to stump up some cash. Each supercar can only be purchased using the accumulated in-game R$ or via micro transactions.

The Real Racing 3 Ferrari Update is now live and free on the App Store and via Google Play