Every year in January we head to CES for the biggest tech trade show in the world, and every year we look at the big blue building just across from the Las Vegas Convention Centre and wonder – when will that ever come to life?

The building, for which construction began way back in 2007 has stood empty, close to but not quite finished for a decade or more of my visits but last year I noticed activity which means new owners, new vision and the potential for something new on the Las Vegas strip.

And this isn’t just inside Baseball talk folks, while EFTM visits Las Vegas every year, the city is really coming alive with tourists from around the world flocking there for major events like the Formula One in November, and the NRL’s return of Rugby League to the USA including Vegas next March. So the Fontainebleau could be an ideal destination for Aussies looking to hit the strip.

What I personally love about the area the Fontainebleau is in, is that it’s not in the “heart” of the strip, it’s on the Northern end of the modern Las Vegas Strip, near to some of the most elaborate and luxurious properties like the Wynn and Encore. Having stayed in a Suite at the Encore, I can tell you the views from the high floors over the vast area of Las Vegas are something to behold.

Thus, the appeal of this 67 story tall building at the Northern end of the strip.

And it’s all set to open the day before my birthday, December 13, 2023 assuming all their approvals come through in time. CEO Jeffrey Soffer has grand visions, “For almost 70 years, the Fontainebleau brand has challenged boundaries and expectations,”

With Fontainebleau Las Vegas, we have transcended aspiration and set the stage for a new era of luxury hospitality defined by innovation, sophistication, and opulence, with an inextricable link to our roots at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. This building represents a remarkable new chapter in our storied legacy and will be a beacon for those seeking to indulge in the unforgettable.”

Words like Lavish Splendor, or Timeless Elegance are being used by Fontainbleau to describe the property so expect it to rival many of the best on the strip.

There’s also 36 new restaurant concepts from all around the world, including ten of the top 100 grossing restaurants in the USA and Michelin-Starred Chefs too,

Our man Jolly can get his Gym junkie on at the 14,000 square foot fitness centre, or just go laze around in the 55,000 square foot Spa.

“We are thrilled to introduce many of the world-class amenities we are recognized for in Miami alongside our new-to-market offerings at Fontainebleau Las Vegas,” says Mr. Soffer. “All of these concepts, infused with the dynamic spirit of the Strip, allow us to create a destination that is the best of all worlds and promises an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind experience for every guest.”

The Fontainbleau is now taking bookings for rooms post it’s planned launch date, so if you’re heading to the NRL in March or perhaps you’re thinking of F1 2024 – time to book