Skylanders Swap Force – reviewed by my 6 year old

Parents across the world, and in particular here in Australia know the feeling of digging deep into the pockets for a new Skylanders figure for the kids.  It’s a phenomenon – millions are spent each year on one of the most popular toy on the shelves and this Christmas you can expect the kids to have some pretty big demands for the latest instalment of Skylanders – Swap Force.

Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders Swap Force

Given the market for this game, I figured who better to review the game here at EFTM than my 6 year old son Jackson.

Jackson was allowed Skylanders a little under a year ago on his 3DS, then we got it on Xbox also.  And yep, we’ve spent a bit on new figures over that time.  I can’t begin to tell you how much he has been waiting for this game – lets just say I know what he’s getting for Christmas.

I wrote down a couple of questions, here are his responses – as sent to me via iMessage (kids today, won’t even bother to email!)

Skylanders Swap Force on Xbox

Skylanders Swap Force on Xbox

Dad: What is Skylanders swap force?
Jackson: A kind of Skylanders that live in a volcano and can swap the top and bottom halves of their body to make new characters, but only the big ones that have badges on their stands, there are still some new little ones who can’t swap their bodies.

Dad: How is it different to previous Skylanders?
Jackson: The characters can swap to Anything you want – making more characters.

Dad: What changes are there other than the swappable charachters?
Jackson: The collector card you get with each character when you buy them has changed – the swap force characters names are in grey on the new cards…

You can do tests to see if you are strong enough to do your special ability well…and you can jump during the game at any time just by pressing a button on the controller

Skylanders Swap Force characters snap in half and interchange

Skylanders Swap Force characters snap in half and interchange

Dad: What is the best thing about swap force?
Jackson: You can swap them to make whatever you like… You can use all your other skylanders characters as well – even giants

Dad: Any other thoughts?
Jackson: There are caves to explore, you still get hats for the Skylanders to wear, you can run faster than before, stealth elf is the fastest runner in Skylands.

So there you have it, you still get Hats! These are the big issues.

Swap Force also comes with a new Portal of Power

Swap Force also comes with a new Portal of Power

I’m also glad he mentioned the Jumping – that’s a big deal, in Spyros and Giants you couldn’t jump around the maps, you had to look for jump portals – in Swap Force you can jump around as you like.

A combined character from Skylanders Swap Force

A combined character from Skylanders Swap Force

The Good news too is that all your existing characters can be used in the new game – so nothing goes to waste!

The graphics look great, and playing with two controllers as a Dad and Son was a great fun experience I recommend to all parents.

Swap Force is available today in all your major retaillers – this single game will account for the largest single part of the Christmas toy shopping pie this year – don’t even doubt it.


[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Skylanders Swap Force” rev_body=”It’s all the rage with kids, who have been waiting for this launch. Parents get the wallet ready for the toy purchases, but it’s a fun game with some great improvements.” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2013-10-16″ user_review=”4.5″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]









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