How great is watching Australia win Gold at the Olympic games! If you’re like me, you’re no chance of getting close to competitive sport, let alone the Olympics. So bring the games to life in your lounge room on your Switch, PS4 or Xbox with Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – the Official Video Game.

Having spent a few hours playing this game, I can tell you it’s addictive, because in some ways its easy, but in other ways it’s bloody hard.

Swimming requires great hand-eye coordination to use the thumb sticks to co-ordinate your strokes with arrows on the screen.

Athletics is a about a rapid fire tapping of the action button, easy in the heats, but like the Games, it gets hard in the final.

There are 18 Events, all arcade style, fun for everyone. My kids are going to love this in lockdown!

8-player online play means you can host your own Olympics with your mates.

Of course you can customise your character, country, uniform, and even dress like Sonic the Hedgehog – yep, it’s a SEGA game.

You’ll find it at retailers for $59.95, or on your Digital console stores.