TCL 65inch 4K Television review – Big Screen, Amazing quality which lacks content

Size matters, don’t let anyone try and tell you otherwise.  When people call me on the radio or send me emails asking for advice on TVs it’s often the case that in reality they just want validation that the biggest one is worth buying.  Add in the enticing idea of Ultra-High definition or 4K as it’s known and these big new TVs are a real option.  EFTM has spent a bit of time with TCL’s 65incher.

TCL 65 inch 4K UHD TV

TCL 65 inch 4K UHD TV

Just the box will blow your mind, this is no easy setup, it’s a two-person job to unpack and certainly to move around this TCL 65 inch 4K TV.

So why did you buy it?  For the 4K or for the size.  Both have their pros and cons.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room first – Ultra-High definition or 4K.

The TCL 65 inch TV stand is nothing too fancy, but a good look in your lounge

The TCL 65 inch TV stand is nothing too fancy, but a good look in your lounge

You get the TV home, you connect it to your internet connection, there’s  no content.  No 4K YouTube content which for me seemed like the logical place to find content given you can choose “original” for full 4K content on YouTube now.

Ok, so the YouTube app has a little way to go, and while I might have 100mbps cable at home many don’t so streaming online isn’t really desirable.  So next up I grabbed some 4K movie content on a USB stick.  Nope, no luck there either.

The connections other than power are around a reverse L-shaped inset on the right side of the TV's back panel

The connections other than power are around a reverse L-shaped inset on the right side of the TV’s back panel

4K Content can only be shown on the screen via a HDMI interface. This is the gap year we live in.  While the TV’s have hit the shelves, there isn’t many “players” out there.  You need to track down a 4K Generator or a high powered PC with 4K capabilities.  Once you’ve got that generator or PC your world lights up.

There is nothing like seeing this with your own eyes, and for my eyes no matter which screen you get the 4K content is stunning.  Pixel clarity brings content to life and when you find the right content it really makes it hard to go back to standard definition.

Let’s talk about size.

The good news is that watching HD on this screen is still great, the problem is SD content is not so great.  When the screen is this big the imperfections start to show – especially with sport.

SD Content - in particular graphics can look poor when you're too close

SD Content – in particular graphics can look poor when you’re too close

That said, I think anyone buying a 65 inch television is going to have the room to sit back – and never before has it been so important to keep your distance.  At  a distance of around 3.5 meters the SD content starts to be very watchable and you won’t be too annoyed by the blurring around the edges.

As I’ve said, you don’t want this TV in a small space, but for a decent lounge room you really will bring something special to the entertainment experience.

The sound performance is good, however with the range of soundbars and sound systems on the market you’re mad not to invest that little more in a quality sound given you’re spending this much on the TV.

Overall, the TCL is a great alternative to the big names, they are a huge company churning out huge quantities of TVs so it’s not a brand to ignore.

TCL's Smart TV interface

TCL’s Smart TV interface

You’ll find plenty of the best apps in the Smart TV app area including catch-up from SBS and SMH.TV.

If you’ve got the cash and the space, this is a fantastic TV for the value and scale that it offers.  However if space is a premium perhaps consider going down a peg to under 60 inches and still get the benefits on offer.

I for one have the space, it’s just a matter of convincing the minister for war and peace (the Wife) that it’s what we need.

Originally $4999, the TCL 65inch 4K UHD TV is now around the $3600 mark so the value just gets better.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”TCL 65 inch 4K UHD TV” rev_body=”A good looking and big screen TV offering stunning 4K UHD content but a problem if you’re close and watching SD content. Well worth it when considering the value on offer” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2013-12-16″ user_review=”4.2″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

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