Huawei P9 Leica camera test – vs Samsung, LG & Oppo

It was only a couple of weeks ago I took a few cameras into the City of Sydney and tested them all head to head. The result was interesting, the $400 Alcatel batted way above his average while the Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5 were top of the class.  So, with the all new Huawei P9 with dual lens Leica camera on board in our hands, we took a few phones on a little tour of our resort in Bali.

The selection was similar to last time, featuring the latest phones from the big names, plus a mid-range device from Oppo – the newly announced R9.

Our approach was simple, find things to take photos of!  I tried to find some bright areas, high sunlight, loads of colour, detail in the picture.  As well as seeking out close up shots for foreground and background focus.

So let’s take a look.  We’ve watermarked each photo so you can slide through and compare – to make your own mind up.

Then there’s the all important selfie.  Something that bugs me here are the mirror images?  What’s the deal with that folks?  And let’s pay attention to the Oppo R9 here, they are pushing their super high quality selfie-front camera.

These are pretty boring photos, but what I did here was stand in the shade, and shoot up – intentionally framing to get the sun through the leaves.  An interesting look at how the camera handles that bright spot on the sensor & lens.

What about close up on a flower – then the same frame with the background in focus.

Going out to a gala Huawei dinner that evening, the perfect time to test some interesting lighting situations.  Sadly, I don’t have any LG G5 images to share here – wiped that device for return to LG before I got them off!

Now look, that’s a lot of photos to look through.

So like with our last test, there’s one other key thing to look at.  How do they perform on social media?  We uploaded each photo from the device it was taken on to Instagram.

Here’s the first bunch:

#nofilter Bali smartphone camera test. Camera 1

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

#nofilter Bali smartphone camera test. Camera 2

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

#nofilter Bali smartphone camera test. Camera 3

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

#Nofilter Bali smartphone camera test. Camera 4

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

#filter Bali smartphone camera test. Camera 5 (watermarked!)

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

And something with a whole lot more colour:

Bali smartphone camera test 2. Camera 1

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

Bali smartphone camera test 2. Camera 2

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

Bali smartphone camera test 2. Camera 3

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

Bali smartphone camera test 2. Camera 4

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on

Bali smartphone camera test 2. Camera 5 (watermarked!)

A photo posted by EFTM (@eftm) on


So again, really tough to set them apart when you see them on the same screen in the environment where probably 90% of photos are shared – Social Media.

For your edification, the cameras above are:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  2. LG G5
  3. Oppo R9
  4. iPhone SE
  5. Huawei P9

As far as I’m concerned the Huawei stands proudly at the top of the list there outperforming all others overall, but its clear that in many cases it’s hard to set them all apart.

The Oppo R9 does well, but is outperformed when put under pressure.  Outside of that, there’s some stunning photography coming from all these cameras – and we didn’t even try any of the manual settings on the Huawei.

All in all, Huawei have found a way to match the big guys here, but on your view of things – what’s the rankings here?  Which would you buy on camera performance alone?



Trevor Long travelled to Bali for the P9 Regional launch Conference as a guest of Huawei– Click here for Full details of commercial interests and disclosures 

Trev is a Technology Commentator, Dad, Speaker and Rev Head.

He produces and hosts two popular podcasts, EFTM and Two Blokes Talking Tech. He also appears on over 50 radio stations across Australia weekly, and is the resident Tech Expert on Channel 9’s Today Show each day and appears regularly on A Current Affair.

Father of three, he is often found down in his Man Cave.

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  1. stevles

    May 11, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Really disappointed with the S7 photos.. The over-sharpening and ridiculous over-saturation really spoils any chance it has to being the best.
    Would have enjoyed a Nexus 6P comparison, as it uses virtually the same camera sensor and without the horrible post-processing.
    Nexus 6P – Sony IMX377
    S7 – Sony IMX260
    Also not doing a G5 low-light comparison really spoiled this for me, I understand you didn’t have the phone to do the test. But at the same time, couldn’t you have done it the night before? Or was your time with the G5 really that limited?
    Either way, thanks for the comparison.
    The iPhone seems to wash out colours at the drop of a hat, especially given the fact it was in daylight but not directly in sunlight.. The others virtually had no troubles in that way. The G5 has a really panoramic field of view, which I adore.. And the post-processing doesn’t ruin it anywhere near as much as the S7.
    For consistency, I’d say the P9 comes out on top. But the G5 is a close second. I just wish you had the 6P there to compare against the P9 🙂
    Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks again!

    • Trevor Long

      May 12, 2016 at 7:49 pm

      My bad, I wiped the G5 before I got the photos off – simple as that!!

  2. Hanswurst

    May 16, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    Those slideshows are not working for me. I`ve tried Chrome, internet explorer, opera and firefox (Javascript is enabled).

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