Known for his low prices and online store Ruslan Kogan makes the trip to the Consumer Electronics Show every year however he doesn’t have a glamorous  stand on the show floor, instead he has a luxury room at one of the resorts on the Strip and after revealing his Agora dual-sim smartphone last year in 2014 he’s showing off a low-price 4K TV.

Kogan's $999 4K TV

Kogan’s $999 4K TV

4K UHD resolution is stunning on any TV, and while video nerds will put the Kogan TV side by side with the big guys for $999 there is no doubt you’re going to get the best quality picture for your dollar.

Kogan 4K TV

Kogan 4K TV

Combined with a 4K screen Kogan has opted for a thin grey and metallic edge to give a quality look to the whole product.

Kogan says the key features are:

  • Slim 55” LED UHDTV – 3840×2160 resolution
  • Smart TV powered by Android 4.2 with Google Play access
  • Wi-Fi & Ethernet Port
  • 1 x USB 3.0, 3 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x Micro SD 

Also known for his sweeping publicity attracting statements CEO Ruslan Kogan made a pretty good point at the TV launch –  “CES shouldn’t be just about technology that the average person will never see or could never afford.”

“We want to make the latest technology more affordable for everyone, which is why we’ve designed a 55” Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV for under $1000.

“The real innovation here is the price. Generally it’s Australians who look at prices of technology overseas with envy. For once, it’s now the rest of the world looking to Australia, wondering when this Kogan TV will be available in their country…stay tuned.”

The TV goes on sale in late January for $999, and while the price is right, you’re still going to struggle for 4K content and have to invest in some sort of 4K capable PC or 4K Generator and that’s going to set you back half the price again or a whole lot more.