As I’ve mentioned there were a heck of a lot of bluetooth speakers at CES and while sound quality is important in many cases it’s the design that really sells it.

I saw speakers at CES branded Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Angry Birds and a whole lot more.  But as a car nut it was the team at iUi design who stood out when it comes to funky branded design.

Mini Cooper mirror speaker

Mini Cooper mirror speaker

With licensed products in the style of Ford Mustang on show there was a definite motoring theme when I saw all the Mini Cooper designed products.

On sale now and available in Australia – online at the very least – these speakers are built-in the style of a replica Mini Cooper door mirror.

Design shops like iUi simply churn out concepts with a hope that they find a market and while the mirror is cool, check out this Mini Cooper gear stick.  The top gear knob come off the stick after charging and is a speaker all on its own.

As with much of what goes on show at CES Australia availability is not clear, however we’ve searched and found it online so check it out